Hello guys!

So, here’s the thing: we’ve run out of bottles. I know we’re not supposed to but, what can we say… We didn’t expect you liked them so much! We didn’t expect them to have such a success, and so yes… they are finished: but just temporarily! They should be again available in the first days of June: we couldn’t let you alone in the first hot days of summery-time! 😉

This brings me to another topic, probably the most important one: THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, for having liked our ideas, for trying our bottles or just for looking at some IG pictures or reading through some crazy blog posts of ours. Thank you for being there, and for making US be HERE: we would be nowhere without you.

And now, what? Well, we’ll continue our instagramming and our blogging as usual, and we’ll wait together the arrival of the new bottles. We will never leave you alone! Remember: always with you, and always on the go! 😉

Enjoy your weekend!


Aquavera Team