Hello guys! What are you up to? Here in the Aquavera Office we are so freaking excited… Our Sport Bottles will SOON (very soon) be back in stock! The waiting is almost over 😉

Meanwhile, well… Summer weather is definitely arrived here in Italy! And so we wanted to share some crazy stuff we like to do when it feels already like summer.

  1. Take a run around 18pm, and then run home and plunge into the pool! (or, in the shower!)
  2. Take a sip of your detox Aquavera Lemon Raspberry water every so often… Stay hydrated!
  3. Wake up at 7am and do some yoga on your terrace… Breathe!
  4. Don’t sleep on Friday night… until you see the sun have risen again!
  5. Take your breakfast on deck, or with your window wide open. Fresh morning air!
  6. Forget the car, use your scooter. You’ll be cooler in every way.
  7. Poolside, seaside, workside and schoolside… Is always time for a sip of your Aquavera!
  8. Workout early in the morning of the weekend, and then sunbathe all day long!
  9. Chill it: put your Aquavera in the fridge before taking her out!
  10. Be your best self, elevate your everyday, fill your life with what you like the most.


let us know which ones you tried!


Aquavera Team