We Made It Classy

Check Out Our Sport Bottle

We’ve Made Sport Even More Classy!




Our Sport product line is composed by 5 portable bottles equipped with an internal diffusor that gives you the opportunity to flavour your drinks with fruit, vegetables, teas and infusions.



With a unique design, our 800 ml water bottles are made with tritan: a environment-friendly material that won’t alter the taste of your drinks. The internal infuser can be filled with fruit, vegetables, tea bags, or even ice to keep your liquids fresh during the hotter months. The bottle cap ensures the possibility to bring the bottles always with you, without losing any drops.

Our water bottles are the best partner in your everyday life:

On the front of the bottle you can find inspirational quotes,

And on the back there is a timetable that helps you keep up the pace all day long.

They’re perfect for gym, office, and college!