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Let us tell you what we proudly develop, craft and sell.


We are an Italian company, and what we do is bottles: we design them, we craft them, and we deliver them to you. There’s an Aquavera bottle for every occasion: chilling at home, working out at the gym, studying at university.

Our bottles are always:

Infuser bottles: all our bottles are equipped with an internal infuser that gives you the opportunity to flavour your water, and to prepare infusions of every kind (fruit, vegetables, teas…).

Coloured with quotes: all our bottles come in different colours, and with different motivational quotes on the front of them: there’s an Aquavera bottle perfect for everyone!

Aquavera Sport Bottle

Our Sport Bottles come in 5 different colours, with 5 different motivational quotes. Made with tritan, these bottles are especially designed as to-go fruit infusers that will follow you through your day: at the gym, at work, at school. They are also provided with a timetable on the back, so you’ll never forget to drink! Our sport bottles are perfect for training: all the vitamins contained in fruits will go into your water, and you’ll always be hydrated, motivated and focused during your workout!

Aquavera Classic Bottle

Our Classic Bottles are all made with glass and stainless steel. Provided with 3 different quotes (each one with a signature colour), are especially designed for tea and herb infusions, to be enjoyed in a moment of relax. Equipped with a neoprene sleeve to keep hot your infusions, you can also bring them with you, wherever you want. They are perfect both for your house and for your outdoor life!

I Don’t Need it To be Easy i Need it to be Possible

“I Don’t need it to be Easy i Need it to be Possible”: For the ones who are never satisfied.

Don’t Wait For The Chance Create it

“Don’t wait for the chance Create it”: For the ones who always push their limits.

Do What you Can’t

“Do what you can’t”: For the ones who are constantly experimenting.

If you can Dream it You can Achieve it

“If you can Dream it you can achieve it”: For the ones who don’t like wasting time.

Be in Love With Your Life Every Minute of It

“Be in Love With Your Life Every Minute of It”: for the ones who value every single moment.

Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind

“Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind”: for the ones who are always doing their best.

The Greatest Moments in Life Are the Simplest

“The Greatest Moments in Life Are the Simplest”: for the ones who enjoy every little thing.