Hello guys! What have you been up to?

Here in the Aquavera Factory we have so-many-things going on! We couldn’t be more excited.

And this morning, we were just thinking about this: the things that matter the most are not the stuff we can’t do, but all the stuff WE COULD do. Cause if you’ll start focusing on your weaknesses, you’ll never improve. Better: of course you can improve, and knowing your weak spots pays always off. But better is starting to think to all the things you could actually do, if you’ll start believing in yourself and jump through that leap of faith that seems so scary.

Truth is, what we are really scared of just is being happy, and fulfil our biggest dreams. When you’re there, just a few steps away from making it, from realising your wildest ambitions… we’ll, that’s so f***ing scary!

As the say goes: it’s our light, not our darkness, that scares us the most. From today, let’s start thinking about all the things we could potentially do. You’ll soon discover that they are quite countless. Make the most out of them. Just be the best, happiest, version of yourself.



Aquavera Team